My name? I’m Lola. I’m basically the mom around here, making sure Esteban and Leo don’t get into too much trouble. I’ll even have to groom them sometimes! I am almost 13, so maybe more of a grandma... What I like doing is... well... Purring! I just like being around people. You don’t even have to pet me, just being in your presence is enough to make the noise happen. I can sit beside you while you work and provide a nice, ambient purring noise to help you get any work done with ease. My favorite spot to sleep is my cozy cat couch downstairs, away from all the barking dogs and busy humans. (And the room is cats only, so that’s a plus!) If you pet me, make sure to be gentle, as I always get scared when people try to pet my face. I do love receiving pets, though, and I will make sure to let you know through my loud, motor-like purring!