Veterinary Assistant

Olivia is one of our newest staff members and has been working here since October of 2021. She was hired on as part of our Boarding Staff, but has been training as a Technician as well. She currently is classified as a Veterinary Assistant and helps the technicians and doctors with all the preparations for procedures, handling, cleaning, and much more! Her main interests within the clinic include diagnostics, pathology, and learning about the physiology behind your pets. She would tell you that patience is one of the best qualities to have when working with animals. Olivia advises to “Always have patience and try to understand how your pet perceives the world to better help their needs.” By doing this we can ensure both you and your pet have the best experience here with us!

At home, Olivia enjoys video games, cooking, gardening, crocheting, writing and has a large interest in volunteering, especially with wildlife - specifically bird rehabilitation! She is married and has two lovely cats at home; a younger kitten named Hermes and an older cat named Maia. Olivia went to Saint Mary’s College where she was a first generation student in her family and was a part of Sigma Tau Delta for her accomplishments in creative writing. There, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Continuing this education to a Master’s degree may be in the books, but she’s not sure yet! What she does know is that she looks forward to gaining hands-on experience in veterinary medicine here at Family Pet!