Fear Free Certification, CVFP

Veterinary Technician

Starting off her educational career, Natasha attended DMACC in 2016 and graduated with an Associate of Liberal Arts in 2018 and then went to Iowa State University for two additional years to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Ecology. In the future, Natasha hopes to work in Wildlife Rehabilitation with a focus on bats! Her love of bats and wildlife come from a long spout of volunteering she continues to participate in! Her previous wildlife experience includes volunteering for the Iowa Wildlife Center in Ames as the lead bat volunteer working with all different bat species and helping train new volunteers for two years. After moving to Des Moines, she now volunteers Iowa Bird Rehabilitation in her spare time outside of working at Family Pet.

Natasha started working here at Family Pet in February of 2021 as a Veterinary Assistant, and is currently training as a technician. She hopes to complete her Penn Foster Veterinary Technician course and become a Nationally Registered Veterinary Technician. Her favorite thing about working here at Family Pet is the emphasis we put into making every appointment fear-free. Natasha hopes to educate herself more about the fear-free approach that uses treats and distractions to overcome the fear and anxiety that typical vet visits can bring. She is currently Fear Free Certified and is also a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional (CVFP) through the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

She currently has many pets which include Gracie, a Lab/Terrier Mix, Wesley, Bellamy, and Kit, which are all Domestic Shorthair Felines, Ambi, an Exotic Shorthair Feline, two Leopard Geckos named Athena and Curious George, two Red Eared Slider Turtles named Cherry and Aspen, and a Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle named Turtle Tuck. If she has any spare time after work and volunteering, she usually spends it hiking with her dog Gracie at Ashworth Park or tending to her ever growing indoor plant garden at home.