The name 's Esteban. I’m 8 years old, and I like to be by myself, does that count? I mean, every now and again I will come over to receive pets but I only have a few select humans that are fully trained to pet me the right way, so even though I am super cute, I am mostly just for looks!


Greetings Humans! My official name is Leonardo DiCatrio, I also go by Leo the Lion, or just “Leo” for short. I am a cool, laidback cat... you know, like that cute guy I was named after or whatever. I enjoy the company of other animals, especially puppies!


My name? I’m Lola. I’m basically the mom around here, making sure Esteban and Leo don’t get into too much trouble. I’ll even have to groom them sometimes! I am almost 13, so maybe more of a grandma... What I like doing is... well... Purring! I just like being around people.