There are many things you can do to delay the buildup of plaque on your pet’s teeth. None of these treatments remove the tartar (mineralized) that is already present. All therapies work better on a clean slate. Dental disease is a preventable disease, but the unseen nature and training of the pet to accept adequate home care make prevention less common in our pets.


  • The best home care is what you are able to DO.
  • The more of the choices you use, the better the result.
  • Use only VOHC or CET products as most others are just marketing.
  • Plaque forms tartar in 48 hrs, so home care needs to be done daily or every other day to be effective. Pets with less frequent home care showed results equal to pets receiving no home care.
  • There is a known link between lack of oral health and systemic inflammatory processes, thus pets with good oral care have healthier lives with less or better controlled diseases.

Use a combination of all categories to have the best approach for home dental care.

Brushing can be easier than you think. About a minute a day is all it takes! Watch video below to see how it can be fun.