Family Pet Vet is proud to offer wellness packages for adult cats, adult dogs, puppies and kittens.

What is a Wellness Plan?

Our wellness plans allow you to budget for your pet's preventative care annually, elevating the quality of medicine you are providing your dog or cat with. These wellness plans include all core and optional (but highly recommended) vaccinations, routine parasite screenings, one nail trim, and two wellness examinations (up to four allotted for kittens and puppies). Flea/Tick prevention and Heartworm prevention are not included in the packages since they are weight-based. However, in order for your pet to receive Heartworm prevention, they will need a Heartworm and Tick-borne Illness Screening, which is included in the package. 

The puppy and kitten wellness plans also include necessary pre-anesthetic blood work which helps us ensure the health and safety of your cat or dog during their spay or neuter procedure. Pre-anesthetic blood work allows the Veterinarian to reduce the risk of anesthesia by ensuring the organ function of your pet will be sufficient. They can review the blood work results and be able to spot signs of potential diseases or issues that may cause complications during anesthesia. A seemingly healthy pet may have something hiding underneath the surface, so it's necessary to perform blood work before the surgical procedure. 

Is a Wellness Plan Worth it?

Yes! We offer wellness plans as a way to provide you as a dog or cat owner with the best possible price, and in turn, immense savings. Think of it as us rewarding you for wanting to provide the best preventative care for your dog and cat. Here at Family Pet, we strive to provide you with the best medicine for your pet. Whether it be physical medication, bi-yearly exams, or client education, we are sure to give you everything you need to keep your pet happy, healthy, and living a long life!

How Much Would The Wellness Plan Really Save Me?

Whether you are caring for a puppy or kitten or an adult pet, wellness plan are the best way to maximize your savings as a pet owner. Puppy and kitten wellness plans are designed to cover all of the necessary wellness care your puppy or kitten needs, no matter where you are at with their vaccination schedule. For instance a puppy vaccine and surgery plan includes up to 4 wellness exams, up to 4 distemper/parvo vaccinations, the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine, a rabies vaccine, plus 2 leptospirosis, lyme and flu vaccines (the initial vaccination and the booster that is required 3-4 weeks later when first starting the series), it also includes 2 intestinal parasite screenings for things like roundworms and hookworms, a 4dx heartworm test that screens for not only heartworm disease but also 3 tick borne illnesses, a nail trim, preanesthetic bloodwork, and the cost of the spay or neuter procedure. Without a wellness plan all of these services would total approximately $1687 but the plan itself is only $874, as of 2024. That's a tremendous saving of $813! 

** Wellness plans do not include the following**

  • Flea/tick/heartworm preventions
  • Pain Medications and E-collar (required for surgical procedures)
  • Pets over 7 months old, over 40lbs (canines), or in heat add an additional cost
  • Sick Pet Exams/Treatments

If you miss a vaccine booster appointment and the vaccine series need to be restarted, the cost beyond the allotted number of boosters and exams included in your pet's wellness plan will be your expense. 

For complete details view the Wellness Plan details below:

*All prices displayed are as of 2024 and are subject to change*

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at one of our convenient locations here. Please ask us about what wellness plan best suits your pet at your next appointment!