Pets suffering from a wide variety of conditions can be managed successfully through the use of laser therapy. Laser therapy is very beneficial for both acute and chronic problems.

Some areas in which laser therapy can be used include: arthritis, infections, skin inflammation and wounds, soft tissue injuries (strains and sprains), and surgical incisions.

Essentially most conditions will benefit from the use of laser therapy to effectively decrease inflammation, decrease pain, and facilitate wound healing. Recovery and improvement time can be greatly improved when laser therapy is used alone or in conjunction with medical treatment.

Therapeutic lasers use different wavelengths of light waves to create cellular changes that promote cell growth, replication, and repair. Laser therapy helps tissues by causing the release of endorphins, improving blood flow, muscle relaxation and decreasing inflammation thereby decreasing the time tissues need to heal. (It is common to have healing time reduced by 1/3 to 1/2!)

Each laser treatment session can vary in time depending on the type of condition that is being treated. During treatment, a handheld laser device is moved continuously over the target tissue for the necessary treatment time. The laser creates a soothing and fear free sensation. Laser treatments may need to be repeated several times depending on the underlying condition. Some conditions, such as arthritis, are treated on a regular schedule to provide continued relief from pain and inflammation.

We offer laser therapy at both of our hospitals. Please call either hospital to schedule a a consultation and laser treatment session.