I recently had the pleasure of traveling with Dr. Jen and Mobie to Fort Collins, Colorado. There, I was welcomed by the experts at Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Center (FCVER) to observe and assist with pain management and rehabilitation cases. I have dabbled in rehab, but I was able to learn so much more from the talented crew at FCVER. I cannot wait to institute some of their modalities to help Family Pet Veterinary Center become a leader in companion pet pain management and rehabilitation!

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation involves engaging a patient in therapeutic movements to encourage healthy muscle development. Rehab is intended to strengthen weak muscles and engage surrounding muscles to promote proper use of problem areas while maintaining correct stance and gait.

Who uses rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation techniques are used for a number of reasons. Some pets use it as activity to encourage or maintain weight loss and others to maintain physical fitness for agility trials. Most often, pets present for rehab after an injury of the back, neck or limbs.

What modalities are used for rehabilitation?

Different modalities can be utilized depending on the patient’s situation. Balance boards, cavaletti poles, treadmill, underwater treadmill, and yoga balls are all helpful tools. I highly recommend the use of laser and acupuncture therapies in conjunction with rehab techniques as combination therapy tailored to each patient is important for optimal results.