Allie Brockett
Fear Free Certified, CFVA


Allie is our main Receptionist over at the Norwalk location, and has been working there since August of 2020. Before that, she worked with Family Pet as a Kennel Attendant when she was still in High School. Allie has two pets at home, her Domestic Shorthair Tabby named Gemma and her Pit Bull Mix named Ace, that she parents with her long-term boyfriend. Outside of work, she does artistic activities or puzzles at home, and enjoys going out to find some entertainment via Amusement Parks or Escape rooms! She was born and raised in Des Moines Iowa and says that this is the perfect field for her to work in. Allie has always been interested in animals since a young age and working in the industry has made her little kid dreams come true. She says “If you ask anyone in my family they will tell you I am the animal whisperer and was born for this field of work. When I told my family I worked at a veterinary office, all of them said “oh that is perfect for you!”

Currently she works as a Client Care Coordinator in our clinic, and is both Fear Free Certified as well as a Certified Cat Friendly Advocate (CFVA) through the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Her future goals within the animal industry are to continue to learn as much as she can and be able to give every pet the best quality of life that we are able to give them. If she had to recommend one thing to any pet owner, it would be to recognize the importance on Training in your pets. She says it builds a strong bond between you and your pet and it creates a lifetime of good behavior, and we couldn’t agree more!