Hospitality Coordinator and Future RVT, Class of 2025

Brooke began working with Family Pet Veterinary Center in May of 2023 after completing her job shadow requirements with our team, as a prerequisite to getting accepted in to DMACC's Veterinary Technician Program. Brooke's personality and interactions with the animals and the team during this time lead to our management team knowing that they wanted to Brooke to join us to help make pet's lives better. 

Brooke's current role within our clinic is a new role, Hospitality Coordinator, which combines the tasks of reception and boarding. Brooke completed her Fear Free Certification in October of 2023. When Brooke is working we always know that the clients will be met with a warm smile and the pets will be cared for and loved beyond measure. We cannot wait for Brooke to graduate from DMACC and be able to join our team full-time.

While Brooke works towards accomplishing the goal of being a Registered Veterinary Center she is considering to apply for Iowa State University's Veterinary Medicine program, to obtain her DVM. Brooke's grandfather influenced her drive to join the animal medical field and her interest peaks within exotic and emergency care. Brooke shares her home with a wide variety of critters from dogs and cats, to geckos, a hamster, a sulcata tortoise and a snake! The knowledge and care that Brooke brings to our team is invaluable and we are very thankful that she joined our team!