Chelsea Musick

Veterinary Assistant and Registered Apprentice

Chelsea first worked with us from January 2020 to late August of 2020, and returned to our Veterinary Assistant Team as of April 2022. She grew up in Chariton, IA and lived there until 2014 when she then moved to Africa. She first visited Africa as a part of a college program and then decided to stay there until 2017. In Africa, she volunteered at a Primate Sanctuary where she was able to Surrogate 4 baboons; which she says is her greatest accomplishment! Once Chelsea returned to the U.S. she continued to work with Primates up until January 2020 when she moved back to Iowa to be closer to family and join our team. Chelsea has always loved animals ever since she was young, but during her time in Africa, she was able to see the clinical side of the Primate Sanctuary as well and really became interested in Veterinary Medicine. Now at Family Pet, she enjoys all areas of Veterinary Medicine and takes interest in Animal Dentistry. Chelsea is currently enrolled in our Registered Apprenticeship Program as well as Penn Foster working towards a degree as a Veterinary Technician.

At home, Chelsea has 4 dogs, Havoc, Maverick,Toby and Rook. She also has 4 cats, Greta, Pete, Ra and Concrete. Her hobbies at home include spending time with her pets, kayaking, sewing, and working on projects for her business making custom pet collars and leashes, pet treats and more!  Visit her Etsy Store: 

Chelsea's advice for any new or prospective pet parent is to research any pet you are interested in adding to your family, every breed has their own characteristics and needs and we as pet owners should be responsible and ensure we are greatly prepared for them.