Veterinary Assistant

Meet Emma! Emma has been working with us here at Family Pet since early May of 2022. She came to us as a Veterinary Technician with previous experience as a kennel assistant and a veterinary technician intern. Currently, she is on the educational path of gaining her Veterinary Technology degree in May of 2023 and then completing her Boards and becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). She hopes to continue expanding her knowledge and gain experience in a clinic setting like this one! Her specific interests include nutrition and radiology, but she is looking forward to finding and enjoying different aspects of the Animal Industry.  Emma enjoys the friendly, relaxed, and happy atmosphere here at Family Pet, and is currently training to become a Technician once she passes her boards. 

Emma’s home life consists of fishing, hanging out with friends, or streaming some shows. During her binge-watching, Emma has her cat Honey, a black and white shorthair cat, to keep her company. She adopted Honey in January of 2022 from Whiskers TNR and they’ve been bonded ever since! Her favorite dog breed is a golden retriever, but for right now she’s going to stick with just Honey. To any new pet owner, she would recommend taking time to care for your new pet and let them get used to their new surroundings, as well as ask as many questions as you can to get sound advice to help give the best care to your pet and help them live a long, healthy life.