Clinic Cat

The name's Esteban. I was born in 2013 and I am a Ragdoll and Siamese mixed cat. I only have a few select humans that are fully trained to pet me the right way, so even though I am super cute, I am mostly just for looks! I am the protector of this office. Other cats, dogs, mice, they come through me! Even if they might scare me a bit.

For some reason the humans shave me every once in a while. They say it’s cause I “don’t clean myself”, whatever that means. And apparently I need to “lose weight”! I mean who do these people think they are, limiting my treats, monitoring my weight loss. If I don’t get some kind of trophy by the end of this, then the whole world’s gone mad! Actually wait, did you hear that? I think someone might be opening my treats, be right back...