Kourtney Chance

Practice Manager

Kourtney is an essential part of our practice here at Family Pet Veterinary Center. She has been working with us since November of 2015 and is our Practice Manager. Prior to working at Family Pet, she worked in the food service industry for 15 years. When she began helping a local rescue organization she quickly realized that helping animals was her life purpose. She decided that a career change was necessary and began applying for different positions with animal care as the primary function. This led to her accepting a position at FPVC as a Part-Time Receptionist. Once Kourtney was confident in her role as a Receptionist she started seeking training for other roles within the clinic. She's had many titles ranging from Receptionist, Veterinary Assistant, Kennel Manager, Office Manager and then in 2019 she became our Practice Manager overseeing both locations. Her goal is to become a Certified Practice Manager in the future and says she plans to spend the rest of her life working at FPVC and her afterlife haunting it.

Her home life consists of a very blended family of her husband, four children, dogs and cats. Kourtney often finds herself spending her free time with her family, rescuing animals, cooking, thrifting and creating all kinds of art! She grew up between the Ames and Des Moines area until she graduated and then decided to move back to Des Moines permanently. Currently Kourtney is a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional (CFVP) through the American Association of Feline Professionals (AAFP) and Fear Free Certified. She most values the relationship she builds between herself and clients, as it gives her the ability to educate clients as well as help them provide the best care that each pet deserves. Kourtney is an avid believer in training pets from a very young age, and recommends all pet parents find a pet insurance that fits their lifestyle! She also would tell every pet parent to follow their Veterinarian’s recommendations, as they always have your pet’s best health and interests in mind.