Clinic Cat

Greetings Humans! My official name is Leonardo DiCatrio, I also go by Leo the Lion, or just “Leo” for short. I am a cool, laidback cat... you know, like that cute guy I was named after or whatever. I am a Persian cat and I was born in February 9th, 2016. I enjoy the company of other animals, especially puppies! Most of the time I’m too busy sleeping though to socialize. You’ll find me laying in a chair in the behind our Client Care Coordinator’s desk, in our reception area; that is my spot. I will sleep there every day, open to close, without a second thought. When I do get up from the comfiest sleeping place ever, you will probably find me eating or following Ben around, because like any other cat in the world, I LOVE food. Plus, Ben is my dude! Occasionally I will play, so if you find a wand or a toy, let me know, I would definitely love to play with you. I really love humans, but I could do without them brushing me, usually resulting in a goofy haircut. Yeah, yeah, that Leo the Lion style nonsense. Chest and chin scratches are my favorite, but I’ll settle for the top of my head and cheeks too.