Clinic Cat

Hi, I’m Storm, but I’m often referred to as the drama queen of the clinic, I’m not really sure what that means, but I WILL claim the title as “The QUEEN” of the clinic! I tagged along with Heather when she joined the FPVC team in late 2022. I was living it up at her house but for some reason her house cats were rude to me and I just didn’t understand. Now that I am ruling this clinic, my quirky personality is really shining! I love playing with toys, harassing Leo all day, acting like I’m CONSTANTLY starving, chasing my own tail and just providing everyone with nothing but entertainment. I’m a huge fan of attention and will randomly jump on my favorite humans and give hugs. I’m not a huge fan of your dogs, I think they stink and if they trespass my most sacred area in MY castle (Kourtney’s office) I say “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”