Fear Free Certified

Veterinary Technician

Molly is an Iowa native and grew up in Winterset. In high school, her favorite subjects were anatomy and anything to do with learning about animals. From high school, she went to DMACC in 2016 and graduated in 2017 with an Associate of Arts degree. Being a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) was always her goal so she transferred to Iowa State University and graduated there with a Bachelors of Animal Science degree in 2020. She's been working at Family Pet ever since June of 2020 and is enrolled in a technician's program to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Her future goals are set for the stars and she plans to attend Veterinary School to become a DVM.

Molly is a committed pet parent with four pets at home including a Hound Mix named Daisy, a German Shorthair Pointer named Eva, a Brittany named Patches, and finally an adorable munchkin cat named Wellington. Molly's favorite thing about working at Family Pet is the variety of animals we see and the quality of care we provide. Surgery has always been something she's interested in learning as much as she can about, and recently Dental Procedures have become a favorite of hers. Working with Dr. Jennifer Mathis on her Advanced Dental Procedures has made her really enjoy Dental Procedures and the variety of cases have always been intriguing. Molly not only wants to be educated about everything Animal Medicine, but strives to educated other pet parents as well. She suggests to research and ask questions about the specific breed you’re planning to adopt, and to call a veterinary clinic and become familiar with preventative care, annual expenses, and breed specific requirements. She says, "Every animal deserves to know the feeling of being cared for and I like to think that I've been able to contribute something to each patient that I see. I want to help educate others about animals and advocate for those with no voice."