As described in a recent post, dental conditions are often hidden and painful. The following posts are going to help describe conditions that pets can get as well as treatment. Many people I talk with are surprised how we can help pets with dental conditions and save teeth whenever possible.


When poor positioning of a tooth causes crowding and subsequent periodontal disease, moving the tooth correct the problem may be the answer. This procedure is best reserved for strategic teeth like canines. Adjustments to the elastics occur weekly and sometimes the brackets need to be relocated as in the initial and almost finished images below:



This is usually a genetic condition and breeding a pet after this procedure is unethical due to the risk of passing this condition on to offspring.

Orthodontic appliances can be used for other types of conditions as well. One example is an elastic training device to help keep alignment of the jaw and support the muscles after resection of part of the jaw following oral tumor removal.

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