February 26, 2021

There are many proclaimed health benefits to essential oils in people. Many people want to provide the same care for their pets as they would for themselves. Be cautious when considering the ‘same as people’ plan with pets. Essential oils are toxic to cats, which lack a liver enzyme that would enable them to process essential oils. These oils are also toxic to birds. Dogs don’t have so much difficulty but any pet getting into spilled essential oils can result in problems.

When considering essential oil diffusers, do not use one that can have oil spillage if a pet were to knock it over. There is also a major distinction between active and passive diffusers. Passive diffusers allow the scent to be placed in the room while active diffusers create micro-droplets, which are toxic to cats and birds.

If you elect to use essential oils for your own preference, use only passive diffusers if there are any pets in your household. Lavender has been shown to have a beneficial calming effect on pets. It is for this reason we use lavender candles in our office to help promote fear free visits.