As described in a recent post, dental conditions are often hidden and painful. The following posts are going to help describe conditions that pets can get as well as treatment. Many people I talk with are surprised how we can help pets with dental conditions and save teeth whenever possible.


Not only can these teeth be in the same spot, but the primary concerns are secondary alignment issues causing a painful bite, periodontal disease due to crowding, or unseen retained roots that do not dissolve and instead create eye or nose issues.

The teeth may not seem so large –



But below the gumline the roots are very long –




If roots break, they have risk of causing eye and nasal issues. I was once told that broken roots will be resorbed by the body. This happens much less frequently than veterinarians as a whole think it does. As an example, if your eye always watered because a tooth piece under the gumline was not taken care of properly, you would be happy to know the problem could be resolved. The first step is taking full mouth intraoral x-rays.